Rina Mehmeti is a very charming yoga teacher whose classes are powerful, playful and heartfelt! She likes reading, watching vampire soaps, likes singing and drinking a good red wine.

She has been practicing yoga since 2013.
Rina is a certified yoga teacher with 200 hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Breath of Life in Crete, 50 hrs of Yin Yoga, in Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands, 85 hrs of Prenatal and Post-natal Yoga, from Transformational Hatha Yoga in Tuscany, Italy, and 95 hrs of Kids Yoga, from Yogaji school in Vienna/Austria.
Rina is also certified Nutritionist from Gateway Workshops/Aboutwellness UK.

“I love yoga because it makes me feel good and allows me to eat more chocolate cakes. My favorite place is anywhere people are gathered to sweat, breathe and break boundaries together.
My hope as a teacher is to help each student accomplish whatever he or she is seeking, and at the end to help students discover how yoga allows us to uncover and embrace our true selves, as the radiant, healthy, blissful, and loving beings that we are deep down.
I seek to help others thrive in live by nurturing body, mind and soul with yoga, and my hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.”